Davide, client from Italy
"As an independent consultant who works mainly from home. Running helps me maintaining a healthy daily routine. It teaches discipline, patience and resilience required to reach long term goals. Most of all, running makes me feel happy. My goal is to continue improving my running technique, run faster and free of injuries. Ultimately, living a healthier life. 
Working with Erik, I don’t need to worry about my training plans, I just enjoying running and training. Each training session is downloadable on my watch and results uploaded back on TrainingPeaks so that Erik can assess my performance and provide feedback. The whole process is smooth and easy, and it can work from wherever you are in the world.. 
Ten years after my last half marathon, recently I was able to match my PB on the distance. Despite being older, and running in the heat of Thailand, I was able to complete the race comfortably and feeling great at the end. I was also prone to get my Achilles tendon inflamed when trying to increase the pace or distance, but working with Erik on my running technique – and focusing on landing on the midfoot  - that problem disappeared.  
I am very happy with both the process and the outcomes of the training programs I followed with Erik, and I look forward to working toward my next PB. Erik’s feedback is extremely professional as he himself is one of the top runners in Thailand. Talking to Erik is also extremely pleasant as he is a very nice person. Try one of Erik’s training programs specifically tailored for your ambition and physical condition. Just make sure to trust and follow the plan. Enjoy your running and results will come for sure!"

"My aim as a runner was to learn how to train for and run a 15k trail race as an introduction to running at age 43. Erik has a super smooth system for coaching through Training Peaks, my data would be sent to Erik after every run along with my comments on how the day's training felt, he would load feedback into the system and modify my next training sessions to account for busy weeks, sore calves, etc when needed. It was brilliant, the program was completely personalised, training was varied and always kept me interested and challenged and Erik was excellent with fast replies, positive comments and obviously super knowledgeable advice. I had never run further than 5 k's before the start of the program and ran through the mountains in Japan on a super steep 15k trail race. I wanted to know how my body would handle something new and the training was the valuable part for me, not placing. Out of 1023, I placed 90th in my age range. I loved the race and am now looking for a 25 or 30k trail as my next step (not to place but to learn how to train for and run that distance). I cannot recommend Erik's model and the process he uses enough. I will sign up again soon with a new target."
 Tim, client from Japan
 Marco, client from The Netherlands
"Working as a General Practitioner in the Netherlands I see myself and many of my patients struggle with implementing a persistent healthy lifestyle into our daily lives. Most of us don't know how to go about it and quickly lose motivation to do so, or to do so persistently. Erik has provided me with the knowledge, the insights and his overwhelming enthusiasm to change that. With his help and his online program I managed to run a personal best of 1:35 on the half marathon (which I ran 15 years ago!). I highly recommend choosing Erik for pursuing and actually achieving your personal running goals, wherever you live in the world."

"I work at College Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland. I wanted to become a more efficient runner and be able to spend big days in the mountains. Erik tailored the program to my specific needs. During the winter I wanted to focus on ski mountaineering and during summer season on running. Erik created a plan that had hill work, speed work and strength training specific for ski transitions to downhill sections of the ski mountaineering. He always checked in with me to see if the program worked well for me and if I wanted to have anything changed because of my schedule. I am now stronger on the uphill sections, and feel like I am running more effortless. To have a coach has given me a clear purpose. I am not logging any junk miles anymore. The program motivates me to train, even when I don't feel like it. It has been great to have Erik coach me."  
 Fran, client from Switzerland
 David, client from Australia
"I have been a regular runner for more than 40 years and completed a couple of half marathons. I have never had a running coach, and Erik was approachable and communication worked well - even from another country! He explained things clearly, answered my questions, and gave good feedback. The online program and results are excellent too.
When training for a running event in the past I usually just increased my distance each week. I used to run at my race pace and try to go faster each time. Erik had me doing interval training and speed work with rest periods, and I wondered if it would make any difference. And then I did some time trials, and ran my fastest 5k and 10k for 7-8 years (before i underwent surgery for 2 x meniscus tears). It works! Honestly, initially I doubted the training, but the results are proof! Also, they are manageable from a time perspective. Long runs on the weekend, and only 30-40 minute commitments during the week. I would say that if you want to add variety to your training, if you want to run faster, and if you want to improve your technique, contact Erik!

"As an avid football player, I recently made the change to running. Erik helps me get ready for (trail) running by creating training routines that fit into my busy live. His schedules are varied, mixing speed work with long runs and even strength workouts. This avoids me getting bored from doing the same runs week in week out. The online coaching method in combination with regular calls work well for me. Most importantly, Erik has helped me run better by “unlearning” bad running form, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries. Above all, Erik is a very nice, approachable and enthusiastic guy who is always open to address any questions. Highly recommended!”
 Kalle, client from Thailand
 David, client from the UK
“I enjoy the training as it’s all functional exercise. Knowing that Erik has his eye on me via TrainingPeaks also motivates me to complete the exercises. Some days are more challenging than others and with the variety of different training days, it makes it doable.The fact that Erik feeds back to me on a regular basis with a virtual pat on the back makes it a delightful experience all around. Erik brought coaching into the 21st century and it’s so much more convenient.”
“I have been doing triathlons for three years and have never felt good or comfortable in my running. I recently set a goal to do an Olympic Tri and realized I need the help, guidance, and expertise of a coach and training plan to reach my goal. Erik has been an amazing coach. He has set what feels like a very doable training program, checks in via the comment section of the app and answers any questions I may have. I feel like I am FINALLY making progress with my running!!"
 Mandy, client from the USA
 Marcus, client from Canada
“Doable program for someone who works full-time and has two young children. Knowing that Erik is there to provide encouragement and make you accountable ensures that I get up early for those runs even on days when I don't want to. Good variation in run types, distances, and speeds.”
“I felt like the coaching was mapped out clearly and it helped that I could write questions in the app if I needed any additional information. It was also exciting waiting for the coaches response, this would make me feel good and it helped me know I was on the right track. I will definitely be coming back to this. It has opened a door for me to want to run.”
Levi, client from Thailand