Erik is passionate about sports in general and running in particular. From road to trail running and middle distance to ultra's, Erik has a love for both the science and art of running. As a talented athlete, certfied coach, and former Health & PE teacher Erik has a vast experience in getting runners ready for competition and personal challenges.  

Knowing the strains that endurance sports can put on your body, Erik is adamant that lifelong enjoyment of running starts with good form. Erik's coaching philosophy in a nutshell is form before volume before load.  His love for evidence based nutrition research is helpful for people looking to gain an edge in both sports related queries as well as lasting lifestyle changes. 

Erik describes his purpose in life to show how the human body is perfectly designed for effortless running. If you are currently finding it hard to run, chances are you are not running to your biomechanical optimum. Working with Erik, you will embark on a journey to solve a unique individual puzzle towards effortless running

Erik is a TrainingPeaks coach, Ironman coach, certified Health Coach (CHC) with a specialization in families and seniors/prime-timers.
  • TrainingPeaks coach level 1
  •  Ironman Certified Coach
  •  Certified Health Coach at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  •  Bachelor of Physical Education with 15 years of  international teaching experience
  •  Certified in Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell University
  •  Master of Public Administration 
  •  Certified Cognitive Coach